Irregular Meditations

From the Mind of Mister Jones

February 28th, 2010

When an individual works at a place of business, one would think learning to write would be the key requirement for a job. It makes total sense to me. But seeing the sentence structure used in today’s business world, I sometimes wonder if anyone cares if an individual is able to write.

Hay guyz i hav this gr8 idea i think i shud take a pikkchur of myself in da mirrur holding teh camerah at a weiurd angle isnt that original guyz? Am i rite?

Over the span of two and a half years, I have collected emails from a co-worker that just boggles my mind. I cannot believe these emails get sent out—some to important clients. I would think a person would check their emails for grammar errors before sending them to clients, but  I guess its not that important anymore. Because we haev spell ceck, right? Take a look at some of these real-life examples: Read the rest of this entry »