Irregular Meditations

From the Mind of Mister Jones

April 28th, 2011

Maybe I’m not a parent yet, but this is just weird. I know you’re pregnant, but the world doesn’t need to know what the baby is doing EVERY week!!!!!

December 18th, 2010

Holiday season is among us! Everyone and their mother is shopping around the clock and spending their entire paychecks on cheap-crap for others! Tis the season for giving!

One of my favorite gifts to myself is computer crap.

Just recently I noticed my backup hard drive was getting full and it was time to get another set. On November 20th, I made a hard drive purchase on Since all of my backups are redundant, I had to purchase two hard drives; one for the backup and one for the copy-backup. Best Buy’s website had the Western Digital 2TB drives on their website for $149.99 (yes, that’s $300 I spent on hard drives). I purchased the two drives on November 20th and they arrived just before Thanksgiving! Excellent!

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