Irregular Meditations

From the Mind of Mister Jones

March 5th, 2010

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Muradin Bronzebeard yells: Move yer jalopy or we’ll blow it out of the sky, orc! The Horde’s got no business here!

This fight is fun! The airship fight is between the Skybreaker and Orgrim’s “Hammer.” Basically, knock his shit out of the sky. Along side the air battle, the raid team will deal with the enemy boarding the alliance ship. So to counter attack, a selected number of players will board his ship consisting (using jet-packs) of a tank and lots of damage-per-second (dps). This takes place a few times during the battle. I normally stand on the ships edge casting heals to the tank. Since Orgrim’s Hammer fires rockets towards the edge of the ship, I’m always moving my ass to avoid getting blown up.



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