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From the Mind of Mister Jones

February 28th, 2010

When an individual works at a place of business, one would think learning to write would be the key requirement for a job. It makes total sense to me. But seeing the sentence structure used in today’s business world, I sometimes wonder if anyone cares if an individual is able to write.

Hay guyz i hav this gr8 idea i think i shud take a pikkchur of myself in da mirrur holding teh camerah at a weiurd angle isnt that original guyz? Am i rite?

Over the span of two and a half years, I have collected emails from a co-worker that just boggles my mind. I cannot believe these emails get sent out—some to important clients. I would think a person would check their emails for grammar errors before sending them to clients, but  I guess its not that important anymore. Because we haev spell ceck, right? Take a look at some of these real-life examples:

Can you re-work commercial to make our 10sec work within the commercial?

I can’t express enough on how confused I am.

Mr. Jones, we are so close fine tune the new commercial with little less Frazier hall and more planes longer bump on the parachute campus shot.

I think he means, “Close. But shorten this shot and extend this shot.” As vague as that sentence was, at least I knew what it means.

I’ll present this, could we look at a different shoot of Dee Dee with out the rollers (the big waves)  a calmer shot?

Do rollers mean big waves?

Thanks What do you think of commercial?  Expert opinion do you like it?

I really like it I want to tell you that I never use punctuation when writing a sentence

Mr. Jones make two changes to the Ad Change the opening shot with Santa and hat on the entire time, and Santa with big rack of bikes as the background.

Was there a shot with Santa and no hat?  Santa does have a big rack and they’re called moobs.

Real close we need to see the bubble shot and the the shot of both girls with the pedicure shot.  2 shots—- bubbles and girls with pedicure throne.

So add the “The The” shot with more bubbles and girls?

Thsi doesn’t look good the logo looks like its on a piece of white paper a glued on to the screen.  Can we put the logo like the address?

I’m not even going to comment on this.

Where is the billboard is cloaking this email some where?

Somebody catch it quick! Before that billboard jumps out of the email to the desktop screen.

Could we use the logo check the commercial we made or get it from the paper.

Right. Okay.

I need some help on the video because we can shoot because of no Butterfly situation right now news has footage, and if they can’t find it you really have to get the creative flowing.

I think so too.

Is it really that hard proofread an email before sending? I admit I sometimes overlook emails and blog posts, but the current examples are a third of what I have saved. Just plain ass!



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